In certain industries, considerable volumes of condensate are contaminated with hydrocarbons, making these condensates unacceptable for reuse as boiler feed water. The coalescence process described here uses an ion exchange resin with oleophilic properties specially developed for the continuous oil removal of oily waters.

The resin beads adsorb oil on their surface, which forms a film around the beads and progressively grow to make droplets. When the droplets have reached a critical size, they float to the top of the Coalescer where they are removed by skimmer. The broken film around the resin beads grows again and the process continues indefinitely. This is a self-regenerating process. The treated water is recovered continuously at a lower level.

DVC engineered Coalescer Filter package is custom design and fully automatic system which ensured to cover all process requirements with compatibility to ASME and EN pipelines. Material of vessel from carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex or clad is available.

Single package Flow rates 10 to 240 m3/hr is available. For higher flow rates, more packages are employed in parallel. This package comes with Nut Shell Filter or Activated Carbon Filter installed downstream. It is highly recommended to install an Anthracite Filter upstream the Coalescer Filter.


The residual oil in the treated water is generally less than 1 mg/L. The yield of oil recovery can be as high as %99 and good quality oil is recovered, containing less than 0.5% flow rate water. During periods of gross contamination, the process is capable of handling surge values of 1000 to 2000 mg/L of insoluble oil for short periods of time with little or no deterioration of the treated water quality.


  • Oilfield produced waters, offshore and onshore
  • Refinery and Petrochemical wastewaters
  • Edible oil factories
  • Manufacturing emulsions, Metallurgical workshop wastewater
  • Tanker ballast water
  • Condensate oil removal, Boiler feed water deoiling


  • High efficiency of deoiling
  • High filtration flow rate
  • No moving part inside package
  • Very low power consumption
  • Minimum required footprint
  • Very high resistance to attrition, chemical agents and temperature (up to 120oC)
  • Long life of filtration medium
  • No chemical addition, thus no change in water mineral content and no sludge
  • Very low water waste (less than 5% of flow rate)
  • Low maintenance expenses
  • Clean and free of environmental pollutions