DVC engineered sample coolers are designed for small volumes of hot water and steam samples.

The efficient counter flow design provides cooling for samples up to 220oC and 20 bars. Higher temperature and pressure sample coolers are available on request.

The simplicity provides maximum cooling at minimal cost.


  • Stainless Construction: All wetted parts are made of stainless steel to resist corrosion and to insure years of service at 100% duty cycle
  • Forced Counter Flow: Insures high thermal efficiency
  • Cooling Media Circulation: Insures maximum thermal efficiency for better approach point
  • Simple Installation: Convenient mounting bracket provided
  • Compact Design: Maximum heat transfer in a minimal space
  • All Welded: The all welded design assures that gasket leaks will be eliminated
  • Drain-ability: Lowest point drain connection lets the equipment be fully drained

Steam / Hot water Sampling System

The sampling system shall monitor key chemical parameters which relate to the quantity of process fluids in the steam, condensate, feedwater cycle and the quality of various other process fluids. The system provides data to operating personnel for detection of divisions from control limits so that corrective action can be taken.

DVC sampling systems are custom designed with the following components as minimum, which shall be included in each sample line:

  • Inlet isolation valve
  • Primary sample cooler
  • Variable pressure reducing valve
  • Blowdown valve
  • Pressure indicator
  • Temperature indicator
  • Total sample line flow indicator
  • High temperature shutoff valve
  • Back pressure regulating / relief valve
  • Grab sample
  • Analyzer branch lines and valved flow indicators as appropriate