From chemical injection packages for injection of various types of chemicals used in water and sewage treatment such as: anti-deposition, acid and open, all kinds of materials Coagulant and coagulant aid, various disinfectants for water and sewage, and so on. These packages can be injected inside the inline line and out Line Out-Line. The injection pumps used in these packages are of two types: Automatic and Manual Injection pumps of an automatic type have an output or input of 20-4 mA. These types of injection pumps either have a sensor (PH, ORP) By setting the injection dose, adjust the amount of chemical (acid, open, SMBS) in the water over the defined range, or the injection pump is part of An overall water purification package such as RO has the ability to handle the PLC and can reduce or increase the amount of infusion to the optimal level of chemical in Get water. Manual injection pumps do not have the ability to handle manually and the injection dose is manually adjusted by rotating the volume available on the pump