IGF (Induced Gas Floatation) or IAF (Induced Air Floatation) is an effective technology to remove free and emulsified oil from water as secondary produced water. API oil removal unit comes upstream, as long as NSF (Nut Shell Filter) comes down steam as final oil filtration.

The theory of IGF technology is based on upward buoyant motion of gas micro bubbles throughout oily water. Oil droplets will attach to micro bubbles. The buoyant forced motion accelerates oil droplets movement towards the water surface and froth will appear on top. By Surface skimmer it would be easy to conduct oil out of package.

DVC engineered IGF / NSF package is custom design which ensured to cover all process requirements with compatibility to ASME and EN pipelines.

Single package Flow rates 10 to 700 m3/hr is available. For higher flow rates, more packages are employed in parallel. This package comes with Activated carbon filter installed downstream.


Typical influent oil concentration 250-500 ppm

Typical outlet oil concentration: 15-30 ppm

The outlet oil concentration passing through NSF can be reached to <1 ppm


  • Oilfield produced waters, offshore and onshore
  • Refinery and Petrochemical wastewaters
  • Vegetable oil, manufacturing emulsions, tanker ballast water
  • Boiler feed water treatment


  • High efficiency of deoiling
  • No moving part inside package
  • Very low power consumption
  • Minimum site-works, and short pre-commissioning time
  • Minimum required footprint
  • Compact, lightweight horizontal or vertical installation
  • Low maintenance expenses
  • Easy control system and operation
  • Skid mounted, modular design, easy expansion, low installation expenses
  • Use of process or inherent feed pressure
  • Clean and free of environmental pollutions
  • ASME or EN compatible